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I was born in Wrocław in 1992.

Both of my Parents graduated from the School of Fine Arts in my hometown and were heavily involved in the local art community. As a result, I was raised in an environment that put a high value on beauty and esthetics. Unfortunately it took me a very long time to indulge in the same interests as I was not mature enough to appreciate the significance of the creative forces that surrounded me from a very young age. I did not understand what factors decided the quality of a given work of art. My ignorance held especially true with regard to modern art, which I secretly hated. Despite my skepticism toward this world, I decided to follow my parents’ footsteps and enrolled in the Eugeniusz Geppert School of Fine Arts of Wroclaw in 2010, more specifically in a program which focused on designing modes of transport. I thought of this as a less pretentious field which better suited my own personality.

My father passed down the foundations of his craft before the acceptance exams, but it wasn’t until the third year that painting really became a meaningful part of my life. In 2013 a breakthrough occurred. I finally realized that fine art was not something that I should hold in contempt. Ironically enough, it quickly turned into a passion which devoured all of my thought. I fell in love with the act of creating and it quickly became my vehicle for escaping the mundane nature of everyday life. Telling you about my paintings is difficult because they express that which I cannot convey in words. I paint to unload my emotions and give the viewer a glimpse of my reality.

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